We're finally getting to the end of the year at Apple Developer Academy PUC — PR and for the last month we've been developing our third mini challenge. This time my team decided to use image processing in order to create art open-air.

InkVision Banner

InkVision is an app that allows the user to create generative art from body movements and post it virtually on a real wall, boosting the creation of art across the city.


I've really loved the idea behind this app because it allowed me to use more of Vision, Apple's framework for image processing. I've used it before on smaller projects, but having the opportunity to use it on a bigger project with a bigger team was an interesting experience and challenge.

A lesson that I've learned this time is: test, test, and test. After doing some tests, on Friday we thought we had everything ready to perfectly integrate the app with the features each member of the team had develop, but during the integration we realized that we needed to do some changes on the code and having less time to do it was a little scary. Thankfully everything went well 😅.

I also realized that separating the code for each member to focus on their own part of the job was a good choice because it gave us more time to develop our features, but had the drawback of making other's code harder to understand. Certainly this is a point we need to take care on the next challenge.

But even with these lessons learned, the experience was great and the result was really fun. Thanks for all the support that we received at the academy from our mentors and other members!

Student at Apple Developer Academy - PUCPR